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"I hired my furs from Jackson furs for my wedding, they looked absolutely stunning in the photos and kept us very warm."



"What sort of fur is this?", "What type of fur jacket do I have?", "How do I store my fur?", "How do I assemble/sew fur?!?"

Have you ever asked yourself these questions? If so, you are in luck! We are looking for expressions of interest in an evening workshop course in fur & fur garment education. Please see the picture to learn more about what the course will involve. If you are interested we would love to hear from you! Please contact Jackons Furs on 07 3221 2066 or email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Can't wait to hear from you!! To find out more, please click the read more link.....



Wrapped in genuine  Jackson Furs

Because we offer a fully operational workroom to create a restyled garment from those that need anything from basic tweaking, through updating style lines, through to full recut and making, Jackson Furs is Australia’s premier studio for working with vintage furs.  Care advice, ID, valuation, are all given expert attention.

 Anything you can think up, we make, from your fur, or out of what we stock. Right from the basic design process and pattern making, to finished idea.

Clothing; accessories; lifestyle items; and gifts. Homes wares: rugs, cushions, throws, seat covers, and your individually designed décor is all made by the furrier in-studio. Other services include hire furs; cold storage for furs, quarantine if damaged, and repair of fur or pelt.

"No artificial colours, no artificial flavours............."


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Welcome to Jackson Furs!

If you are looking for new fur, we have begun steering interest to ethical and certified companies in countries where solid animal welfare laws govern and monitor them, with standards above those contained in existing legislation.

North American Fur Association and Saga of Copenhagen are two of the best whom we are members with, and who are raising the bar on this product.

We have built an association with some of Australia’s designers, being the furrier of choice for those including fur in their designs.



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