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"I hired my furs from Jackson furs for my wedding, they looked absolutely stunning in the photos and kept us very warm."


*** Christmas holidays ***

Well Halloween is now over so that means soon the christmas trees will be up and the carolers out! We are begining to wind up our operations for the year and get all our current work finished. So if you need to see us before the new year then you need to make an appointment with us soon! All of our virtual stores and platforms i.e. facebook will remain open however may reciev delayed response times. I will post actual closure dates in a few weeks so happy holidays and thanks for another great year! 



***impotant notice***

Due to the unforeseen event over the last week we will be unable to take custom orders until the new year. All current work will continue as well as simple repairs and alterations. There will be no change to storage operations. Our lovely staff are doing there absolute best to cope during this disruption but we may have to alter our hours in the future. If you have any questions or queries please don't hesitate to call us and we will help you the best we can. Xx


Wrapped in genuine  Jackson Furs

Because we offer a fully operational workroom to create a restyled garment from those that need anything from basic tweaking, through updating style lines, through to full recut and making, Jackson Furs is Australia’s premier studio for working with vintage furs.  Care advice, ID, valuation, are all given expert attention.

 Anything you can think up, we make, from your fur, or out of what we stock. Right from the basic design process and pattern making, to finished idea.

Clothing; accessories; lifestyle items; and gifts. Homes wares: rugs, cushions, throws, seat covers, and your individually designed décor is all made by the furrier in-studio. Other services include hire furs; cold storage for furs, quarantine if damaged, and repair of fur or pelt.

"No artificial colours, no artificial flavours............."


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