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Repairs & Cleaning

Jackson Furs are fur and leather garment repair experts.

As fur and leather ages it can begin to show signs of stress and even tear. The good news is that most fur and leather garments can be repaired.

As fur ages, it dries and can become subject to tearing. The best way to avoid this problem is with cold storage for fur. Should your fur or leather be showing signs of age, Jackson Furs can advise you on repair and revitalisation. Older garments can be cleaned and repaired for reuse or resale. Even rugs which have received tough treatment on floors can be strengthened and repaired.

Our dedicated furriers use a variety of fur repair techniques to close and reinforce tears and openings. While our furriers are experts at their craft, the old saying that ’a stitch in time saves nine’ definitely applies to fur and leather. Getting your repair done sooner rather than later can make a big difference to the results. Contact us for further information on repairs.


There are two possible methods to effectively clean fur. Professional assistance is highly recommended for both.

Firstly, there is a dry cleaning method. This is similar to the dry cleaning process used on suits and other clothing although the process is performed more gently.

The second method is an old fashioned remedy by hand. This method is highly recommended for vintage fur and for fur where the life history is unknown.  With this cleaning method the lining can be removed and re-sewn as well as pressed. The fur is fluffed and finished with spray before being combed and dried. Rugs can also be cleaned with this method.

The length of time needed for both cleaning methods depends on the size of the garment. However, the more time it can be given, the more successful the result. Always remember that the sooner a spill can be attended the better.

Contact us for your fur cleaning enquiries. 


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