"I hired my furs from Jackson furs for my wedding, they looked absolutely stunning in the photos and kept us very warm."

Identification and Assessment of Fur

If you would like to have a fur garment identified or assessed for its resale value then this is the service for you.

Sometimes when you inherit a fur, or purchase fur second hand, there are no labels to show you exactly what it is or where it is from. Jackson Furs can identify the type of fur you have and sometimes even tell you its origin.

Fur Identification and Assessment can help you:

  • Identify Vintage Fur
  • Learn the Resale Value of Fur
  • Obtain an Assessment to Display to a Buyer

We offer fur identification as a free service!.

However if it is a fur assessment you require, this is on Jackson Furs letterhead with a complete description of the assessed item and detailed information regarding the condition. There is a fee for this service. We can help with fur and pelt repairs that can increase the resale value of your fur.

The fur must come to us in Brisbane for this service. Contact us for further information.

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How Jackson Furs Started

118 Years old, tradition in a time of change!

The proud history of Jackson Furs goes back to1896. A Brisbane woman, Jessie Jackson, her husband, a Brisbane Water Board executive and their sons, began Jackson Furs from their home in South Brisbane. The Jacksons would work from home tanning and dressing furs under their house. Jessie was the actual owner of the business because her husband, as a government utility employee, was not able to own a private company.

To grow the business, the Jacksons would walk the North Quay wharves selling furs to the ship passengers who had arrived on cruise liners at the port in Brisbane City. The company would remain a family business until the 1960’s when a Melbourne family together with business partners took over. For many years Jackson Furs had up to 3 stores in Brisbane City.

In 2004, Jackson Furs came back into the hands of a Brisbane family. Jackson Furs continues to grow and change and now uses fur for all its modern applications as well as traditional coats, rugs and garments.


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