"I hired my furs from Jackson furs for my wedding, they looked absolutely stunning in the photos and kept us very warm."

Off to Supanova

So on the 28th, 29th & 30th we head off for the fist time EVER to supanova. Which is a massive pop culture expo! in other words "comiccon" BUT we aren't going as Jackson Furs we are setting off a whole new adventure as Cloaks of the Realm! We will be in full costume but I won't spoil it as to exactly who we are goin as yet! You will just have to wait for pisctures! How exciting! Wish us luck on this new venture and check back soon for an update!

Busy, Busy Days!

Well, well, well! It has been busy lately! SO busy that we have been a bit slack on our news updates! 

We have loads of new garments in our store at the moment including knitted lapin vests, to the full length nutria coats more befitting for your European travels! 

Also, we have added in a few examples of our new bears that can be made from either your old garments, your scraps, or new fur you can purchase from us! These are gorgeous little critters that will be lovely gifts for christenings, weddings, new arrivals to the family and engagements. 

Another new piece is our Doll Domination section, which is full of pictures of gorgeous little accessories we can make and design for your beloved dolls!

So as everyone is coming up to Christmas, how many of you are heading off for a white Christmas overseas? If you are pulling out your old coat that's been tucked away waiting for the holidays, how about bringing it in for a quick clean to freshen her up?

Anyway, we will be busy over the new year period, and please remember we will be closed from end of trade on the 21st of December and will reopen on the 7th of January. So be sure to get your cleaning in before the 7th of December otherwise you'll be left out  in the cold [almost literally!]. 

New Beginnings!

Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end!


So, after months and months of hard work we are finally here! I have said good-bye to the old publisher website which started life in home of the boss. Humble beginnings! From publisher to professional, we are proud to unveil this new website. With eCommerce we have gone world wide allowing anyone anywhere to buy anything from us! 

So the long hours have paid off and we have reached the end of this chapter but a new chapter is about to begin. Make sure you check back soon, until next time...

Stay classy furiends!


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